Love Language 1024 × 753Learning a second language is a capacity that we all have, however some gain this skill naturally whilst others perhaps for necessity; however, as learning any language gets harder the older we get, the secret remains the same…to fall in love.

Passion, this should be the energy driving anyone to learn anything; to have passion for a language is to love the culture, to embrace the people and understand the countries origins. Amongst the best ways to absorb a language is to use the ‘Immersion method’ , this is the theory that one must make a physical connection with the country by going out and meeting its people, not by sitting in a dark classroom shut off from the world.

A more effective approach to learning a language, rather than joining online communities or language schools, is to find a friend or lover in the foreign country who only speaks the target language and who can facilitate your learning at every stage, as a so called ‘love dictionary’. This method has been used for years during wars and cultural merges and has proved very effective.

Furthermore from a contemporary prospective, we all know how much easier it is to remember something that makes us laugh or smile, take a song for instance, that you enjoy listening to. You may not know the lyrics when asked but as soon as the song comes on the lyrics just seem to be there. When learning a language with someone you love the memory is not just remembering the words, it’s remembering the emotions and feelings you felt.

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Babies are the perfect example of the ‘Love dictionary’. Not only are they the symbol of two different people coming together, but they are a clean ‘slate’ so to say, there is no better time to learn a language than when you are a child as you are constantly surrounded with love.

Who can say that they have never smiled when hearing a foreign accent and was somehow attracted to it and lifted by the memories or dreams of the foreign country and its people? Why would we spend time in a country we are not attracted to? The same can be said about people; if you are attracted to a southern American accent and the culture why hang around waiting for it to come to you, go out and grab it.

What are you still doing reading? Go out and fall in love!;)