By Gema Martínez Paredes

Tomorrow, the 6th of December, is a public holiday in our country, Spain, but why?

Spain is a very old nation historically, in 1978 it decided to regulate itself by means of civilized and democratic norms and for a document was drafted up that says how we should behave amongst ourselves and with other nations. This document is what we call “La Constitucion Española” – The Spanish Constitution and it is celebrated on the sixth day of the last month of the year.

The Constitution is the law to which everyone in Spain adheres. Spain is a democratic state, which seeks freedom, justice and equality for all; anyone has the right to present and defend their ideas in public without being persecuted and we are the ones who elect our political representatives by means of voting.

Some of the rights included in our constitution are:

  • Everyone has freedom of thought and the right to their individual religious beliefs.
  • All children are entitled to an education.
  • The Spanish government will protect the health of its citizens, as it is a sacred right of every human being
  • Everyone has the right to life as well as physical and moral integrity. Ill-treatment and torture are prohibited and you cannot condemn anyone to death.

Does your country have a Constitution? What are the most important rights that you feel every person, no matter what country they live in, should have?

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