Spain has played a large part in causing young people to migrate to other European Union countries, as well as Latin America and North Africa. Among these young people there’s me; Gema Martínez Paredes, 23 years old and just trying to find a stable future. A future that we are forced to plan for at only 17 or 18, forced to choose a path… You continue studying, despite not being clear about what you would really like to do in the future, but sometimes you choose the wrong path or merge into the labour market with all its associated consequences…

Today, the young unemployed in Spain join university despite the costs it entails, at least 4 or 5 years go by. And then what? You can do an internship (unpaid) and, hopefully, stay at the same company for several years, or perhaps you will not gain access to this field of work in the end at all. It is a risk that we, as youth, have to run. Governments help train the best to compete in the European market or Spanish, but where is the market? Why complete training if we cannot develop it? Having a degree in Spain today is practically worth nothing, almost everyone has one..

76% of young people studying research and development emigrate to other countries once finishing their studies, this is due to the unreliability of Spain in relation to the work situation.

Spanish people are fighters, still holding on and vying to get a better position. I wonder, will the government measure up? Boosting employment among young people should be the fundamental objective, it should be a priority. Today’s youth are the architects of tomorrow – and right now, we are forgotten.

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