How many times have you been traveling and found yourself lost in translation? Well those days are over; at least if you use the Thomson and First Choice services offered in collaboration with Lingua Translations. This new service will provide you with immediate and proficient 24/7 language assistance that will get you out of trouble and help you to do all the things you want to on holiday.

Knowing languages is a useful skill but we aren’t always able to express our thoughts fully and often we do not have time to prepare to face language barriers before traveling. This is where you can count on us! Not only is the service fast, but it also covers 157 languages! So whenever you feel the need to express yourself but feel too embarrassed, incapable, or just shy, instead of starting a game of charades, let us take the pressure off and help you to truly relax.

As reported in a new press release, Ian Chapman, Director of Holiday Experience for Thomson and First Choice, said: “From the independent research we carried out, we know that our customers may experience language barriers whilst on holiday. We want to break down these barriers, so they have the confidence to fully explore the destination they are visiting. This service will provide support to those customers wanting to get off the beaten track, or will serve as a lifeline should any problems be encountered whilst away. All customers need to do is dial our 24/7 Holidayline and within minutes they’ll be speaking to a translator who can assist in communicating in the local language. Lingua Translations is another example of how we are constantly striving to improve and modernise the service we offer our customers.”

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Sharon Stephens, Managing Director of Lingua Translations, said “It is refreshing to see how Thomson and First Choice are addressing any potential language issues that people may face overseas. Too many companies steer away from this issue rather than offering customers a solution and support. Lingua Translations will provide their customers with more confidence and encouragement to travel further and embrace more cultures. It is after all, a very small world – with so much to see!”

So, next time you’re traveling, avoid the language barrier and call the Holidayline (0044) 2476 28 22 28 – we’ll be waiting for you!