A couple of my recent articles for this blog have focused on the benefits of learning Chinese Mandarin before setting up for business in China. This is certainly worth considering, but what about when China and its business comes to you? According to USA TODAY, since 2007, when China gave the U.S. an “approved destination” status on its tourism list, the number of visitors from China to the US have increased significantly, this ranges from trips related to tourism to those for business and education and of course the US are keen to encourage this new influx and to support businesses in making the US more welcoming for visitors from China, but how best to do so? Other countries have also started to consider the importance of brushing up on their knowledge of Chinese and the Chinese business world as well as the need to use Chinese translation as the bonds with this country strengthen daily.

If you want to make sure your business is has the best chance of attracting Chinese tourists for example, then perhaps it would be wise to have certain parts of your Marketing material translated so that you stand out from the crowd. The same could be said if you are a university looking to welcome more Chinese students to your campus – ensuring you make the university look as inviting as possible and being able to present its achievements are key to bringing in new students and often the best way to get your message across would be to localise it into Chinese translation from professionals are an invaluable tool in these instances.

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For businesses perhaps another consideration is the way the Chinese carry out their business deals. How do they prefer to work? Research seems to suggest that as is the case in many countries, Trade Shows, and other face to face contact is the preferred style. Preparing documents and leaflets for a stall at the Trade Show in Chinese could show potential business counterparts from China, that you are serious about working with them and that you are trying to bridge any potential cultural and linguistic gaps with the use of translation services or perhaps even learning some key language phrases yourself!

However the rise in communications with China will affect you – be it through business, education or even on a personal level – is it not worth investing a little time and money into preparing yourself so that you can show you care about the heritage and language of the person or people you are working with and to show that you intend to do what you can to make the relationship work. Chinese translation and interpreting services are there to assist you and as a multi-award winning provider of such services, Lingua Translations is keen to ensure you get the support you require.

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