There are many times as we progress through life and in work where it is necessary to use legal services in order to obtain documents that prove liability. Proving  ownership, parenthood, marriage or even a testimony in a court case,  these documents are signed by us in accordance with the law of the country and are evidence that we understand the terms and obligations of our undertaking.

Courtroom Interpreting  851 × 564In work situations legal documents are drafted in the way of employment contracts, HR policies and health and safety requirements. Breaking such agreements will always result in legal action and can have very real and far reaching consequences such as home repossession or even criminal action.

It is for this reason that when we are in situations that require translation services for legal documents, we must use the services of a legal professional who has studied and understands the hundreds of legal acts, declarations and technical terms that make up the law of the country as well as the ability to draw up binding legal documents using the correct grammar and presentation. So what if you’re dealing with legal issues abroad? Whether you’re buying your dream house or expanding your operations abroad, you will need the services of a professional legal translator who has a deep knowledge of the legal systems in both countries.

In 1996, when a German translator confused the word steam (Dampf) with smoke (Rauch) in the translation of a manual which outlined the workflow for a bread making machine the company were forced to act. Unfortunately,  this small mistake meant that the manual advised people that toxic fumes produced by the machine were nothing to worry about, putting many people at risk. In the end, the manufacturer had to pay compensation to those affected for a lack of duty of care. There have also been cases where  individuals have lost all their money buying houses abroad on land that can’t be lived on because of their lack of knowledge about the residential laws of the country.

If you’re trying to move or work abroad or are expanding your business operations in another country, we can help you. Our professional legal translators are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals and protect your interests.