Figures released previously show that the UK economy grew by 1% between July and September.  Yet there are notes of caution and if this growth is to continue UK companies must export more to overseas markets and to do that good translation and localisation services are a must.

Yet not all economies are shrinking. While growth has slowed in markets like China it is still growing and represents a massive opportunities for UK companies to export and expand into. More markets means more manufacturing means more service sector employment and this means more construction projects. Good news all round.

The growth figures announced today were higher than most economists were predicting and is thanks in part to the Olympics which added 0.2% to the figures. The good news continued with Debenhams announcing like for like sales are up this year too but there are still reasons to be cautious.  Some economists are calling today’s figures ‘stabilisation’ rather than ‘green shoots’. Indeed Ford have announced the closure of the Transit Van factory at the loss of some 500 jobs so it seems clear that while the figures are positive it is too early to say that the UK economy has turned a corner. Export and language servicesExporting can be risky, and one of the easiest ways of reducing that risk is to ensure you get a good professional language solutions provider to ensure your marketing materials, contracts etc are properly translated and that you have qualified interpreters at important meetings to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. It is also important that you understand the culture of the country you are planning on trading to, for example handing your business card to someone with one hand in Japan could be the difference between a large contract and you being sent packing!If the UK economy is going to continue to grow, it is going to need to trade more abroad and Lingua Translations can help with that. We have worked with hundreds of companies moving abroad and provided both the language services and the cultural training to ensure their ventures were successful. If your company is planning on exporting to a new market, or your sales are struggling to get off the ground in China, India or Brazil for example then contact us on +44 (0)800 860 0674 or email and see how we can help.