Translator of the Month!

Every month at Lingua Translations, we choose a translator who we’ve particularly enjoyed working with. As well as whose work has stood out for us. The task of choosing our translator of the month for April was certainly a simple one. Patrick Rieckmann is a great translator who we’ve been working with for a very long time. Thanks to his breadth of experience, professionalism and dedication to his work, we have chosen to work with him on a wide range of projects. The standard of his work is second-to-none! He’s always willing to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Here’s what Patrick had to say about his steps into the industry and his life as a translator:

“My career as a linguist started in 2003. I obtained my first interpreting certificate at the English-American Institute of Debrecen University (Hungary). This was for the language pair German and Hungarian (both directions). In 2004 I decided to move to England to take my spoken English to new levels of proficiency. In 2006 I obtained my first DPSI (German and English, both directions). One year later I got my second DPSI (Hungarian and English, both directions). In 2005 I moved to Scotland (Glasgow).

Later on I went on to study translation at Herriot-Watt in Edinburgh. Even though this was an MSc course, having passed all the necessary exams I stopped short at postgraduate diploma (PgDipl) level, being short of funds to go on for another couple of months to write my dissertation. This was for German and English. In 2009 I relocated from Scotland to Hungary. I’ve been working as a freelance translator since for German, Hungarian and English. Oh and I just remember that I passed my ELTE exams in Hungary for translation in German and Hungarian (2009) and Hungarian and English (2010). The ELTE certificate is the highest qualification for translators in Hungary.

My native tongue is German however, my Hungarian is also at near-native level, having moved to Hungary at the age of 13. Prior to working as a translator I worked as a horse trainer. Presenting young colts at show-jumping competitions in Germany and Hungary.

My specialisms are social sciences and legal texts (I worked as a public service interpreter in Scotland for some years).

The aspect about my work I enjoy most is that I can communicate in several languages, which is an asset I can also use apart from work, e.g. when travelling or when meeting friends.”

It’s clear that Patrick really enjoys what he does

Which is what makes him just so good at it! He’s a real pleasure to work with, and we’re always happy to receive projects matching his specialisms, as we can always rely on Patrick to deliver.

What more can I say but thanks a lot Patrick, and we look forward to working with you again very soon!