Translator of the month – February

It hasn’t been a hard task for us to pick the translator who most deserves our recognition for February; we all soon agreed that there is one that has really stood out and shone this month.

And he is… Soliman Abdelmagid Hamroush!!!

Soliman has been collaborating with Lingua Translations for quite a long time. He has recently completed a very important project from English into Arabic for a new client of ours, carrying out an outstanding level of work which has left both our client and ourselves more than happy.

He never loses his professionalism, dedication, attention to detail, and always with an enthusiasm and friendliness that makes working with him a real pleasure.

Here is what Soliman wanted to say:

“Everyone can find pleasure in many things, but the pleasure I feel in doing and perfecting my work is something really amazing. Having a motive is always good, but having someone motivate you is definitely great. I’m married and have two cute boys, and they are my big motive. Seeing them laughing, or noticing happiness in their eyes means a lot to me. Drawing this happiness on their faces is my responsibility. And of course perfecting my work has its share in fulfillment of this responsibility.
Everyone has his features, and those features are always feasible in one’s word and deeds. In my religion, Islam, We are ordered to do only good things, and to be only good persons. Commitment, honesty, and righteousness are our normal features. I’m always trying to show those features in my works, as I believe that to have others to respect my work, I have to respect it first. In brief, I’m always doing my best to show myself and others how good to be a good person doing a good work”

What else can I say? Just thanks again for your professional work Soliman. We really hope to keep working with you for a long long time!!