The translator of the week is the fabulous Alessandra Russo!


Alessandra is one of our favourite Italian translators, and we wanted to tell everyone how brilliant she is! Alessandra regularly completes large projects for us. She is reliable, accurate and professional, so a joy to work with!

After completing her BA in Modern Languages, Alessandra moved to the UK to do an MA in Translation with Language Technology and Spanish at Swansea University. She has over 6 years’ professional experience translating, and is highly quality-oriented. Something we value greatly at Lingua Translations!

Here’s a little about her, from the translator herself:

I have always had a passion for languages. When I was a kid I wanted to learn all the languages in the world, I then limited them to English, Swedish and Spanish. Which are the ones I work with today.
I have been translating since the early years at uni and always enjoyed it a lot. So much that sometimes I feel that it is more a hobby than a job.
My favourite documents to translate are manuals, you always end up learning something totally new!
I am also the editor of a blog ( in which I channel all the cuteness and creativity that I can’t let slip out during my “day job”.

Thank you for your hard work Alessandra (and for brightening people’s day with your lovely blog)!