This week’s translator of the week is the fantastic Olivier Parrot!

Olivier is a French native speaker, and is also a fluent speaker of English and Japanese. As he grew up near Germany, he also speaks German and the local German-related dialect. Along with Chinese and Thai, which he learned during his travels around Asia. Incredibly, Olivier wants to add to his list of languages in the future – wow! He has worked as a software engineer and a musician, and found his language skills indispensable.

He did some translation work recently for a new client of ours, who was very impressed with his work. We really appreciate his specialist knowledge and dedication. We hope to continue working with him for a very long time.

Here’s what Olivier said about himself:
What can I say? What I love above all is traveling, seeing new places and cultures, meeting new people and eating fruits that I have never tasted before! It follows naturally that I love languages, and when I became a professional translator 5 years ago, it seemed an equally natural process.
As an ex-software engineer and professional musician, I naturally specialize in the fields of IT and music… But at the end of the day, translation is simply about people talking to each other, and I’m happy to be able to help them achieve it!

So, thank you Olivier for all your hard work!