This week we are launching our new blog titled the ‘Translator of the Week’, a way to say thank you to our most dedicated translators.  Floriane Ballige is our translator of the week. She is not only committed to delivering quality texts but also always respects her deadlines.  She has been selected as the Translator of the Week for having translated 10 documents for Lingua Translations within a very short amount of time.  True to her form, her work spells excellence through and through.

This is a description of the translator and her passion for languages in her own words:

“My name is Floriane Ballige. I am aged 42, I was born and still live in a small French township in the Burgundian area.


I started learning languages at the age of 12, at the Junior High School, like most French people around my age. My first one was English, which was followed two years later by German. I’ve loved languages ever since this start and I never stopped improving and using them. The idea of a job without their intensive use was in no way conceivable.


According to many people, the ability to practice a language simply means that you can communicate with someone not speaking the same language as your native one, and getting accustomed to his/hers.  I have a different way of thinking. Of course, languages are a way of communicating, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re also a way of embracing other cultures, meeting new people, their countries, their customs. I learn a lot from translation, and in many ways. It’s just like travelling the world whilst being at home, it’s being involved in themes that I wouldn’t even have imagined, and it’s great.

This is the way I feel my profession, this is why I like it so much and if I had thought of it just taking into account the “communication” side of it, I would never have chosen to become a translator.”


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Floriane Ballige