Making the final checklist before we travel: Hotel booked? – Check. Flight booked? – Check. Passports retrieved, checked and stored safely? – Check. Suitcases the “correct” size? – Check.

Now the question arises; How do we get from Charles De Gaulle airport to our hotel?

Once again, advice is given from all angles (thank you to all contributors), suggesting that we might take the Metro, the RER, spoil ourselves with a private hire limousine, or even walk. The latter being immediately dismissed as an option – our hotel is over an hour away from the airport by car!!

As with every other aspect of this trip, there are several options available to us and, as with every other aspect, we have a decision to make. This time though, the decision is an easy one; we’d like to be collected from the airport and driven to our hotel – I’m simply not brave enough to negotiate the Metro / RER / bus system with my luggage in tow!!

It takes me two hours – TWO HOURS!!! – To negotiate my way around the various airport transfer companies, but eventually the decision – and booking, is made. Now on to travelling around The City Of Light…………….

Fortunately, thanks to The L’Office De Tourisme (and help from the well-travelled experts at Lingua Translations), I have acquired a pass, which enables us to ride on all public transport for the 5 days of our visit. Having said that, I’m like something akin to a time-traveller who’s come out of their Jules Verne-esque machine, two hundred years from their correct time, when I’m somewhere new. Think of an eighteenth century farmer, waking up in the middle of Piccadilly Circus in 2014, when the night before, he went to bed in his farmhouse in 1746. That’s me. All wide-eyed and open mouthed. Never mind ‘dressing to blend in’, whatever I’ll be wearing, I’ll probably stand out, thanks to my facial expressions, and the gasps of awe when I see a famous landmark or sight.

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Considering my lack of adventurous spirit (I work in Finance, after all), I hope you can understand my apprehension surrounding independent travel. Having said that, isn’t experience what life’s all about? So another decision has been made, maybe the most important decision of all: Make the most of it. Try everything I want, and go where I can, however I can. Experience all that life – and in this case, Paris – has to offer. If things go wrong, if I get lost, if I get on the wrong tube, never mind. We learn from our mistakes, don’t we?

Paris! I think I’m ready for you!

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