There’s something exciting about receiving a letter / text / email confirming a holiday. I certainly got excited when our booking confirmation for Paris came through. The downside is though, as I’ve printed all communication to take with me, I’ll be carrying the equivalent of a sapling in my suitcase in paper and forms – and we only have hand luggage.

You may think me a little strange, but I’ve checked everything about ten times so far. Each time, everything has been ok, nothing has changed, but I just like to make sure. I’m not normally so thorough (some may say pedantic / obsessive), but it’s just that we’ve been looking forward to this holiday for so long – I can’t remember the last time Hubby and I went somewhere just the two of us, come to think of it, we haven’t in the last ten years!

That’s why this trip is something a little bitter-sweet. Our daughter won’t be coming with us.

Now, for those of us who have children, although I appreciate that the idea of a complete break and some serious “me / us time” is beyond rare and possibly something that I have fantasised about for as long as I can remember, the fact that it’s just the two of us going, is making me feel all sorts of things………Sad, excited, guilty, nervous, happy, all at the same time

The only other time we “escaped” on our own, was a 4 day trip to Dublin and even though our daughter was only six months old at the time – ably looked after by my parents – I still cried after every phone call (two every day)…………….. Maybe I should pack some tissues…………………

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We don’t normally travel anywhere without “Mini-Me”, so this will definitely be a bit strange for me. I believe that if you go on holiday as a family, it’s exactly that – you do everything as a family. So I was somewhat bemused when my daughter stated that she would rather go on a UK holiday with my parents, as “They are going somewhere with three swimming pools and two play areas”.

Note to self; Next year, we need a destination with good food, culture, sun and maybe most importantly, swimming pools and play areas – Come to think of it, that kind of holiday appeals to me too – do you think they’d let me on the climbing frame????