What can I say………………………………?

Paris is one of the most eye-popping places I’ve ever been.

The architecture was sublime, my jaw literally dropped on several occasions. The food was delicious, especially the steak. The weather was fantastic – cloudless blue skies, full sunshine and a lovely breeze just to make sure we didn’t get too hot.

The view to my left after coming up from the Trocadero Metro station, overlooking the fountains and staring straight at The Eiffel Tower, is one that I’ll remember for some time!

I’m happy to report that a fantastic time was had in Paris. I spoke my best French, but the Parisians wanted to practice their English, so I would speak in French and they would answer me in English – the lady at our hotel told me to expect that, apparently that way, both parties benefit!

Believe it or not, I went right to the top of The Eiffel Tower – RIGHT TO THE TOP!!!!! I even surprised myself. After all, I’m the person who can’t cross a bridge on foot without feeling a little “wobbly”. I’m so glad I did it, the view was spectacular.

Of course, visits to La Louvre and Le Musee d’Orsay were inevitable. Both were completely stunning. I think my artist of choice is Monet.

We went to Notre Dame – I didn’t see a hunchback anywhere, although a very smart lady’s man-servant was doing a fantastic impression of one, carrying his lady’s shopping down Avenue Montagne.

I was asked to summarise my visit, in no more than five words. As I’m something of a “waffler”, this was quite a challenge, but here goes:

  1. Stunning
  2. Educational
  3. Thrilling
  4. Romantic
  5. Amazing
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Apparently, hyphenated words don’t count, otherwise I would have included:

  1. Jaw-dropping
  2. Awe-inspiring
  3. Emotion-inducing
  4. Gastronomically-inviting
  5. Mind-blowing

Some things I would say to anyone thinking of visiting Paris for the first time:

Take as much spending money as possible!!!!!  I was very surprised by the cost of eating and drinking in the pavement cafes / restaurants. Yes, the food was delicious in the restaurants we visited, but 60.00€ for two cheese toasties and two glasses of cola in a cafe was quite expensive – especially when I had greenfly walking all over my side salad!! I would definitely recommend seeking out the Bistros in the residential areas of the city. The food we had was superb – beautifully cooked and 100.00€ on average each time, for three courses and wine for two. A very romantic setting, where the staff were professional yet friendly.

I did quite a lot of research before we went, and I was a little concerned to read several websites where people had described instances of pick-pocketing, theft and muggings. We took a few ‘wrong turns’ and ended up walking down some scary-looking roads, particularly on one day when I wanted to visit the market local to our hotel. Nothing bad happened to us there – in fact, everyone we met on the way to, around and in the market was very nice!!  Obviously, everyone’s experiences are different, but mine were positive!!

Don’t go if you’re on a diet: As I’d expected, the Patisseries made and sold the most exquisite cakes I’ve ever tasted – and one was never enough!! And don’t get me started on the pastries! I’m salivating just thinking about them!!

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If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog but you’ve missed the others, please feel free to read my other blogs about my trip to Paris. You might enjoy them (you might not, if not – sorry!!).

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