Translation by Lingua TranslationsI have loved language since I was a little girl. Reading was one of my favourite activities in primary school and at home. Bedtime stories were diligently read to me by my grandparents and I would soon let them know if they tried to miss out a page when they saw me nodding off.

This love for reading continued as I grew older and moved on to classic novels; Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell being two of my favourite authors. English literature was my preferred subject throughout junior school. Then at secondary school I had my first opportunity to learn new languages. I started with French and really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until I began learning German that I really started to see how fantastic foreign language learning could be!

Travelling to various places, mainly in Europe, with my parents has left me with fond memories of the people and places I encountered. Particularly memorable were the two coach tours of Italy I went on with my mum. This instilled in me a new love for travel. The chance to experience new cultures and foods, whilst meeting people you otherwise wouldn’t have! On a German Exchange Programme at my school, I stayed with a family in Göttingen and during sixth form I did a week of work experience at a care home for the elderly, in Düsseldorf.

My most exciting trip so far though has to be my two weeks in Kunming in the Yunnan province of China. It was part of a British Council initiative at my school and those of us who applied had to learn Mandarin Chinese two hours a week for around two months before we set off on the trip. Whilst there, we learnt Chinese every morning for two hours and in the afternoon went on cultural excursions. We were paired with Chinese students who showed us around Kunming and welcomed us for dinner with their families. Fortunately they were very patient with us as we attempted to try out the language we had learned each morning!

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All of these experiences have contributed to my continued passion for language. A month spent in Düsseldorf doing a language course at university and 10 months spent in Bergamo, Italy for my Erasmus year have convinced me that languages are what I love. I completed GCSEs and A Levels in French and German and, given my fascination for the Italian language and culture, I then decided to take up Italian at University.

I am now working towards an MA in Translation at Swansea University. I have also recently been fortunate enough to begin work here at Lingua Translations, where language is respected for its complexity and the desire to safeguard it is of the highest importance. Do you have a passion for language? If so, what inspired it? What do you love about language, translation and travel?

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