Our second country of the European week is Denmark.

Valentine’s Day is a more “recent” holiday in Denmark. The first time it was celebrated was in the early 90s, where Danish people embraced February 14th but they came up with their very own way to celebrate it. Nowadays, this tradition has become more and more popular.

Couples exchange gifts just like in other countries. The first different aspect in Denmark is that instead of giving roses, they give white flowers called ‘snowdrops’. The second and main difference in how Danish people celebrate this day is by exchanging funny little poems or rhyming love notes anonymously in an intricately cut paper. This kind of game is called Gaekkebrev. As it is anonymous, the idea is that the girls must find out who the secret lover is. In the letter, she will find only one clue: Instead of the guy’s name, he will replace each letter for a dot.


If the girl guesses correctly, she will get an Easter egg on Easter later that year, but if she guesses wrongly, she has to give her secret admirer an egg which is collected on Easter.

Now let’s learn some words in Danish related to Valentine’s Day.

  • Valentinsdag          =           Valentine’s Day
  • Jeg elsker dig         =           I love you
  • Min guldklump     =           My gold nugget
  • Skat                         =           Treasure