I hope you guys have enjoyed our Asian week, where we talked about Valentine’s Day in Philippines, Japan, India and South Korea 🙂 This week it is Europe’s turn.

Our first European country is France.

France has always been characterised for being a romantic country, especially its capital, Paris. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February –nothing out of the original.

On this date, couples from many countries gather together and show each other their mutual love by doing romantic (and cliché) stuff like a picnic in front of the Eiffel tower, romantic dinner, and give each other flowers, love cards, gifts, etc.

One of our French translators, Floriane Ballige, told me about how French people commonly celebrate this date. She said: “Most couples go to the restaurant for a romantic evening. Some husbands/partners often buy something special to their wives/girlfriends such as flowers, lingerie, jewels too. Some others offer a romantic weekend or a longer stay wherever they feel like going to”.

Valentine’s Day has become more a commercial day than a real romantic one. However, some people still enjoy exchanging romantic gifts and spend the time with their loved ones. Nowadays, it’s more the younger generation, rather than older generations, who are more attracted to the tradition.

Now let’s learn some Valentine’s words and expressions in French:

  • Joyeuse saint Valentin                  =     Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Je t’aime                                          =     I love you
  • Mon amour                                     =     My love
  • Ma chérie (f) / Mon chéri (m)    =     My dear
  • Mon petit chou                               =    My little cabbage
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