The third country of this week is Italy.

Originally, Italians celebrated Valentine’s Day as a Spring Festival. Young people gathered outside in gardens and enjoy listening to music and reading poetry.

Another Italian’s tradition for this time was unmarried girls to wake up before sunrise. People believed that the first mas an unmarried girl sees on Valentine’s Day, or someone who looks like him, would marry her within a year. Girls used to wake up early and stand by the window to check up on guys.

Nowadays, Italians see Valentine’s Day as another holiday imported from US. However, they still celebrate it, but mainly lovers rather friends or family.

The way the express their love is by going out for dinner to a nice restaurant, exchanging gifts like flowers, chocolates, perfumes, etc. A popular gift in Italy is Baci Perugina, a small chocolate-covered hazelnut which contains a paper with a romantic and poetic quote.


Let’s check some Valentine’s Day vocabulary in Italian:

  • Festa degli innamorati or Buon San Valentino = Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Ti amo = I love you
  • Microbino mio = My little microbe
  • Fragolina = Little strawberry