Lingua Translations is the region’s Most Promising New Business

As our regular blog readers will know, last Friday Lingua Translations attended the Swansea Bay Regional Business Awards. Nominated for the Most Promising New Business award in Swansea. And the results are in! I’m pleased to announce that we won! Our directors, Rachel Bryan and Sharon Stephens, and one of our Project Managers, Estrella Ruiz, attended the black-tie event to collect the award.

Speaking as an employee, I can say that I think this success is due to our directors’ attitude toward their staff. Never before have I worked for a company which truly strives to support and develop each member of the team. This company is one of a kind. They are committed to training. They also work closely with local organisations such as Go Wales and Swansea University to develop the linguists of the future. It’s no surprise that a company who treats their employees well will thrive. I personally think this is why we has been recognised for its promise.

We have a very bright future here at Lingua Translations! With your support will continue to go from strength to strength. Go team!!

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