Lingua Translations University Challenge

Last week I touched upon the language-promoting work which Lingua Translations does, such as the Lingua Translations Academy. The fun and informative way of introducing primary school children to languages and cultures around the world! This is by taking them on a wonderful tour of the culture, food and language of a particular country. The Academy is the perfect way to provide young children with what may possibly be their first taste of a foreign language. The earlier children start to familiarise themselves with and learn foreign languages, the better. This morning on the radio, the host was talking about a recent poll commissioned by the British Council. The poll revealed that UK adults struggled with their ability to speak a foreign language when abroad. This definitely strengthened my belief that language learning should start as early as possible!

But I digress!

The language-promoting work which I want to speak about today is the Lingua Translations University Challenge. This is a project which I am heavily involved in and which I believe provides a great opportunity for students to test their linguistic flair. Entrants must submit a translation of a text of approximately 500 words into their target language together with a 200-word commentary outlining their linguistic decisions.


The work is judged by linguists at Lingua Translations, thereby providing the student with a real taste of translating in the real world. Constructive feedback is then given to the applicants. The judges will look for accuracy of grammar and spelling, evidence of cultural knowledge, use of appropriate language, use of register and tone and clear comprehension of the provided text.

Applications for this contest have always been high and the language combinations diverse! Last year’s contest saw such requests as to translate from French into Italian to Chinese into Spanish! Winners came from UK universities as well as European ones. Last year’s overall winner was a student from Padua University called Tomasso Bassan. Tomasso scored an impressive 70/70 for this translation from English into Italian. He was praised by the judge for creating a piece of work which was a pleasure to read.

Together with a certificate of excellence, the winners of each language category received a mentoring session from Lingua Translations’ MD, Sharon Stevens. Tomasso also has won the opportunity of a one-month internship here with us. With an already promising career in languages, this time with Lingua Translations will give him a valuable insight into other aspects of the language industry!

By popular demand the challenge returns!

By popular demand the contest is back again this year and it is bigger and better than ever! Not only will the winners of this year’s contest receive a personal mentoring session from our MD and book tokens in the value of £50. As well as that, the overall winner will receive a cash prize worth £250. The all important one-month internship at Lingua Translations will of course also be awarded to the overall winner.

Following last year’s success, the decision was made to extend the contest to universities worldwide. The amount of interest from universities in Buenos Aires to Cardiff, Bologna to Vienna is such an encouraging sight. Students from any university worldwide have the opportunity to register for this contest. I am extremely intrigued to see the language combinations that await us this year!


The European Day of Languages on the 26.09.13 will provide the launch date for the University Challenge. What better day to begin a contest which will once again prove the interest in languages which our students possess!

If you would like more information about this contest, please go to Lingua Translations University Challenge or why not join us on our new Facebook page. Or even better, join in and be in with a chance to win!