Website localisation is very underestimated in the world of translation. It is often sold to companies as an additional service to translation. Localisation is what translation is all about.

A translator who is experienced knows that anything translated has to have a purpose and that means the content should be localised. That is the difference between a professional and non-professional translation service.

As a company where all our employees are linguist experts, we fully understand the importance of localisation and the impact it can have on your business. We know how important a sector this is for businesses expanding abroad and the differences it can have on all aspects of your company, not just commercial but also how your company is perceived by clients abroad and how you are seen as a global player internationally.

Our translators are all native speakers with at least 5 years’ experience and degree qualified. We have the strictest vetting procedures in the industry and you can rest assured that many of our translators are specialists in the field.

Here we offer you some essential information relating to website localisation services. We often get asked questions relating to the following so we thought we would pass on our knowledge to you: