Week 4

I can’t believe this is my fourth week at Lingua Translations! On one hand, it feels that time has flown by but on the other hand, thanks to the welcome from my colleagues, I feel like I’ve been working here for months.

We had a mini heatwave in Wales last week and the heat was unbearable! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually grateful to see some all familiar Welsh rain this week and a MUCH cooler office. Not sure how long I’ll be grateful for this grey weather though!

This week I’ve been translating more pages on the Lingua Translations website from English into Welsh. It’s been so interesting going “behind the scenes” and helping build a website. Although I visit a number of websites on a daily basis, I’ve never before thought about the work that’s gone into creating it. This task has allowed me to develop skills which I’m sure will prove to be useful in the future, given that the world is so dependent on the internet today.

I’ve managed a few more projects this week, something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I now feel comfortable carrying out project management tasks without having to constantly bombard Adrian and Raquel with questions! With project management, being organised is key and this internship has definitely helped me hone my organisational skills. The projects are all so diverse and interesting and I love contacting translators around the world to discuss the translations. I can’t wait to see what interesting projects we get next week!