Halfway through my internship already!

I have been in the office only three days this week but my hands were very full during these few days.

I was doing a lot of researching, proofreading and project management. One of the projects I took on last week was the certified translation project. All I had to do this week was to finalise the project. Normally when you finalise a project you email your client the translated text and the invoice and you call it a day.


But with my certified translation project, I received by mail the actual certifying letter and I printed out the translation and stamped the translation and the certifying letter with an internationally recognised stamp. The client then dropped by the office to collect his documents.


Something about having an actual translation paper in hand and meeting a client in person was far more interesting and more rich in experience than contacting with clients through emails. From a business owner point of view, I would imagine that having a direct communication with one’s clients helps in building a strong relationship with them. Having a face to face interaction with clients goes along way. That’s why some businesses host tea parties for their clients.


Actually, one of the reasons I chose Lingua Translations to do my internship in over other translation agencies was because I have met Sharon twice before, so most probably on a subconscious level I felt I know more about her agency just because I had a face to attach to it and that comes as a no surprise because 90% of the human brain is visual communication.