Week 7

This week brought about some project management challenges as one project needed to be translated into multiple languages ASAP. Finding translators across Europe who are available to translate a text by the end of the day is not an easy task in the middle of the summer! At university, we were told by multiple speakers how important it is for a freelance translator be responsive to clients and translation agencies. Working for a LSP I can now see how true this is! The translation industry is incredibly fast paced and translation agencies need to ensure that their clients’ needs are met and satisfied. Project Managers are therefore unable to wait around for a specific translator if a client needs a translation urgently.

If I were to consider a career as a Freelance Translator one day, working at Lingua Translations has given me an invaluable insight into what qualities are needed to ensure that agencies designate you as their go-to translator in such a competitive market. Responsiveness and friendliness go hand in hand with providing high-quality translations! I’m so lucky to have dealt with some fantastic translators, worked with excellent PMs at Lingua Translations and to have learnt from their example.