Week 7 as an Intern – Nada

Of all tasks I got to do here, project management has to be my favourite. I enjoy the thrill of receiving a new quote request and creating a new project from scratch! I enjoy interacting with the friendly clients and translators and the anticipation for the translated work to be sent back. I get so much satisfaction when I check off a new item in my list and I don’t know why but a movie trailer voice immediately starts playing in my head and says “mission … accomplished!”.

But this week I had no live projects so it has not been the greatest. I guess this is how it is in this industry! One day you have no projects and the next you have all the projects in the world! But that gave me the chance to focus on the Arabic translation of the website.

I have to say, I am very proud of how the Arabic website is coming along! I only now have a few pages to translate and add to the website! I am so glad I got involved in this project, I learnt and I am still learning so much about commercial translation, localisation and website constructing.

I look forward to a new week full of new projects, new experiences, and some sunshine can’t hurt after all the rain we had this week!