Week 8

I can’t believe I’ve been an intern at Lingua Translations for 2 whole months!

This week I’ve had a chance to deal with languages that were completely unfamiliar to me before starting at Lingua Translations. I started the week by finalising projects that needed to be translated from English into Latin and Hebrew. It was so interesting to see how Hebrew is written. It’s so different to any of the languages that I’ve learnt! I also discovered that Latin verbs change depending on whether it’s written about a male or female.

I also recruited some Macedonian and Malay translators this week. As I love speaking to people from different cultures and backgrounds, reading about these translators’ past experiences was incredibly interesting. This is also a great opportunity for me to see what constitutes a good and bad CV, something which will definitely be useful upon graduating and heading out into the real, scary, world. The Malay and Macedonian translators have been really helpful and friendly, I’m very much looking forward to working with them on future projects!

With only 4 weeks left at Lingua Translations, I now have to start thinking about writing my internship report, the final assessment of my MA…dun dun dunnn…! Although I’m nervous about writing such a big, important report, I feel that I’ve gained enough experience over the last 8 weeks at Lingua Translations to actually begin writing it. Looking forward to week 9!!