“A comfort zone is a beautiful place to stay but nothing grows there”

Two months in Lingua Translations! I honestly wish I have a time machine to freeze time or at least put it on a slow mode! Just when you settle in, have a routine going, it’s over! Well. It’s not over yet. I still have one month to go but still, I can’t help but to feel uneasy. In one month, this new routine I just adopted to is going to change. I have so much to do after this internship and I am still not mentally prepared for that, not just yet. I guess it’s normal to resist change but isn’t that how we grow?

Talking about growth, my share of tasks grew so much this week! It’s been cray cray!! I managed two projects, not a lot I know but managing projects while doing other tasks, all of which are on tight deadlines can be daunting! I translated some more pages, recruited new translators and I did some proofreading for Arabic translations which did not really require proofreading but our project managers here are kind of perfectionists which is a good thing, maybe not for their mental health but good for you as a client because you can trust your translations are in good hands!