Week 3

I feel privileged I am doing my internship in a translation agency that does so much more than translation which means as an intern I get to learn so much more! I got to do a variety of tasks this past week, one of which was introducing everyone in the office to Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream sandwich, they loved it!

Earlier this week I translated some more pages of the website. But it was the first time I have seen them live! It is amazing to see all your translation work turn into reality. It makes you appreciate all these small details you see in everything you come across. Someone someday took the time to do that. You know what I am saying?

I looked after two projects from start to finish. People often would tell you how project management is stressful and can drive you nuts which is true to some degree but they never mention how rewarding it makes you feel knowing that you did all you could possibly do to ensure your loyal customer is happy with the quality of the service you promised him you will deliver.

I also did some translators recruiting for an upcoming project. That one was very interesting! And other small tasks here and there so, yeah this week has been definitely my favourite so far!