Calum: Week two

Welsh Flag 1600 × 960As a proud Welshman and fluent Welsh speaker, this week I took on the task of translating Lingua Translations’ website into yr hen iaith (the old language). Having spent the year studying my MA through the medium of English it was great to have the chance to use formal Welsh again, although I haven’t missed dealing with the complicated world of mutations and Welsh grammar! This was a great opportunity to familiarise myself with Welsh terms in a variety of domains such as legal, medical, business etc. The diverse content of the website meant that I was actually able to learn a few Welsh words that I had never heard in my 20+ years of speaking the language, such as the Welsh for Zulu, Uzbek and Ukranian (If you’re interested: Zwlŵeg, Wsbeceg amd Wcreineg respectively) Whether I’ll use these words again however will remain to be seen! Thanks to this task, I now feel like I have a pretty good idea of how to build, edit and publish a website.

In the past, I’ve completed various internships at other companies where my role was shadowing members of staff or carrying out small tasks which had little to do with the actual running of the company. This is definitely not the case at Lingua Translations! This week I had the opportunity to project manage a live job. Taking on the role of a PM has been my favourite task so far! It was great to speak to clients, respond to their requests and build their project from scratch. I enjoyed getting into contact with the translators who were extremely friendly and eager to take on the task. I can’t wait to take on my next project and face all the challenges that come with being a PM.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere in the office. I especially like listening to a different international radio station every day. Despite not being able to understand a word of some of the stations, it’s great to hear songs in different languages and find out which ones are popular in each country. Although no matter which station/country we choose, it seems that the whole world is only listening to Despacito at the moment!