Week 2 at Lingua Translations

This is my second week at Lingua Translations; it has been more productive than the previous one. I am slowly easing into the rhythm of how things work around here.


I was assigned a couple of small tasks here and there throughout the week but the biggest task has to be translating Lingua Translations website into Arabic. I found this task to be a fun one, I thoroughly enjoyed it but found it to be very time consuming. I definitely felt overwhelmed by the size of the task. It is a good practice nonetheless; I feel like I got my translation groove back with this one!


The most interesting task however was managing my own two projects! (of course under close observation from Raquel, very close!) I was so psyched when Raquel said I can start this week with that! I am still at the early stages of the projects but it will be very interesting to experience first-hand what it is like to be a project manager.