Weekly blog round-up

This week’s blog posts have focused on the practical. From advice on how to organise televised conference interpreting, to the currencies of the world, there has been a wealth of information shared. Please tell us what you think of this week’s articles!


Some Misconceptions about Technical Translations

Estrella discusses some of the many aspects of what constitutes a “technical” text, and why so many fields seem to come under this umbrella term.


Medical Translation Services; Research, Accuracy and Professionalism

We talk about the importance of research and experience in medical translation.


Website Translation Services: How to Specialise

How do you go about specialising in website translation? Well, there are a few things you should know before you start.


Conference Interpreting on the Small Screen

What is the difference between conference interpreting, and televised conference interpreting? There are a few considerations which must be taken into account when televising conference interpreting.


Financial Translations: A Guide to Global Currencies

When dealing with Financial translations, it’s really important to get the basics right. This guide to global currencies should prove useful to anyone looking to become a financial translator.