Being in Wales, you can’t really get away from rugby – I certainly took more notice of the game after moving to the Welsh side of the border. Tomorrows huge rugby match between rivals England and Wales will likely determine this years winner of the annual 6 Nations tournament. With the office having split loyalties (well, pretty much me against everyone else really!) we take a look at some of the key Welsh rugby vocabulary that you might need to know. Here is some general vocab, different rugby positions, and some phrases that you’ll need to know when shouting at the screen! Who is Owen-Farrell-656 × 914

Essential Vocab

Try – Cais
Conversion – Trosiad
Penalty kick – Cic gosb
Tackle (noun) – Tacl
Tackle (verb) – Taclo
Pass (noun) – Pàs
Pass (verb) – Pasio
Knock on – Trawiad ymlaen
Score (noun) – Sgôr
Scrum – Sgrym
Yellow card – Cerdyn melyn
Sin-bin – Cell gosb
Rugby ball – Pêl rygbi
Referee – Dyfarnwr

Now let’s take a look at the positions:

Prop – Prop (That one’s easy!)
Hooker – Bachwr
Lock – Clo

Flanker – Blaenasgellwr
Number 8 – Wythwr
Scrum half – Mewnwr
Fly half – Maswr
Centre – Canolwr
Winger – Asgellwr
Full-back – Cefnwr

And here’s some phrases you might need…

What’s the score? – Beth yw’r sgôr?
You’re blind ref! – Ti’n ddall reff!
Get him down! – Lawr a fe!

…particularly if you’re supporting the boys in red!

Wales forever! – Cymru am byth!

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