Welsh Translation Services

Do you ever need translation services in Welsh? If so, you may be interested in learning a little more about the Welsh culture, and what better time than in the run-up to St. David’s Day?

Every year, the Welsh celebrate St. David’s Day on March 1st. All over the country, children dress in traditional attire to celebrate, and take part in eisteddfodau. An eisteddfod is a Welsh festival of culture, celebrating literature, music, and performance. People often wear symbols of Wales for the day, such as a a leek or daffodil, to show their pride. Parades are also held, the largest of which takes place in the capital city, Cardiff.

Naturally, Welsh is the official language of the Eisteddfod, but translation services are provided for people who don’t speak the language. If you know a little Welsh, this would be the perfect opportunity to practise! There is even a section of the festival dedicated to Welsh learners, called the Maes D, where language translation and learning resources and advice are shared, and events and competitions are held.

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