It is often the case that, in big businesses, language-related issues are set aside, either because they’re considered of minor importance, or for the sake of cost-effectiveness. However, language underlines some of the most important aspects of one’s business, carrying a company’s message to local and international markets, promoting products and services through advertisement campaigns and permeating every business-related transaction. To be able to make the most of what language management has to offer to your business, here is an idea for you to consider: terminology management. Introducing terminology in different levels of your business can be of great benefit and here is how:

Ensure simple and accurate communication
It is quite common that different terms are used for products/services among various departments or during different stages of development, and this often causes misunderstandings. Using consistent terminology for products, everyday processes and tasks within a business facilitates internal and external transactions and ensures accuracy in communication.

Stand out from the crowd
The use of unique, well-established terminology can differentiate your business from your competitors, adding to its prestige and rendering it a leader in its field of endeavour. Invest on the status of your business by establishing corporate language and promoting your terminology use on the market.

Invest on safety and minimise risks
Consistent terminology helps users of a product/service to better understand any instructions or manuals provided and avoid damaging the product or hurting themselves. Therefore, when establishing terminology, it is very important to take into account the users of your products/ services and employ those terms which are the most appropriate for your target group.

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Boost your e-commerce activity
The use of consistent key-words for products and services speeds up online search for desired products, saving clients the frustration of browsing webpages for hours. Make sure your product/ services descriptions are clear and any terminology employed is user-friendly, and see your e-commerce soar high.

Facilitate translation and website localisation
Terminology databases and established brand/domain names are a translator’s best friend. If you’re thinking of assigning your documentation and website content for professional translation, consistent terminology and key words are an immense help, can prevent translation variants and will certainly help a linguist render your message into the target language with the utmost accuracy. Besides, terminology collections are ‘know-how databases’ that can be reused in technical documentation, translation, website localisation or marketing and this way increase the assets of the company.