At Lingua Translations, we’re always talking about our strict requirements for linguists, so you already know that any translators we deal with are the cream of the crop, but what do we look for aside from professional qualifications? As we pride ourselves on providing professional translation services, it’s vital that our linguists are the best. Whether interpreting, translating, or carrying out one of the many other services we offer, we have to make sure they are representing Lingua Translations in the best way possible. Here’s what we look for, to make sure this happens:

• Honesty is really the number one point. If a job is too technical, or the deadline too short, we rely on our translators to tell us if there’s something they can’t do. New translators sometimes agree to take on any kind of project, when it’s beyond their expertise or working capacity. This is one of the many reasons why we require all our translators to have a minimum of 5 years experience providing professional translation services. Our translators know the industry inside-out, and won’t ever make false promises.
• Reliability comes a close second. We rely on our translators to be quick to respond to any requests our customers may have, and to meet all deadlines agreed with them. If a translator is not reliable, we don’t work with them.
• Professionalism is just as important. Our translators and interpreters’ behaviour reflects upon Lingua Translations, and as a result we expect all our linguists to behave as professionals. Our customers can be confident in this when using our face-to-face interpreting service.
• Last but not least, friendliness! We want to build up lasting relationships with our translators, not treat them like machines. We love having a chat with our translators, and we always try to keep up to date with them. This is important because happy translators are better translators!

If you’re thinking of applying to work with us, please make sure the above applies to you! We take pride in our professional translation services, and we’re able to do this because we know that our linguists are the best in the business. Please contact us at if you’re interested in working with us.