Good Friday or Holy Friday is a holiday around much of the world. But what do we celebrate on this day?

It’s the day on which Jesus was crucified. He was betrayed by Judas on the night of the Last Supper, commemorated on Holy Thursday. Next day he is arrested and later, he is crucified. It doesn’t sound good… So, why is it Good Friday called Good Friday?

What the Jewish and Romans did to Jesus was definitely not good. However, the results of such death were good. God demonstrated his own love for us in this. While we are still sinners, Christ died for us.

Many Christian churches celebrate Good Friday with prayers and hymns. It’s a day of fasting with no mass or celebration of the eucharist. Chruch bells are silent and the altars are left bare.
Good Friday Calendar:
2016 – March 25
2017 – April 14
2018 – March 30
2019 – April 19
2020 – April 10


Happy Easter everybody! 🙂