Professional-sport-translationIt is no secret that professional football clubs sign players from across the globe, which results in fans from all corners of the globe flocking to see their players and of course, encourages  business opportunities and potential multinational sponsorship. At Lingua Translations, we are experts in sports translation services and we are the supplier of choice for well known premiership football clubs as well as companies which offer specialist sporting services.

An English premiership football team is always seen as the pinnacle of the game worldwide, and from travelling I know that sometimes the only famous British person a local may know is ‘David Beckham’ or ‘Wayne Rooney’. Football is one thing that all nations have in common, whether you are a tourist in Ghana or Germany.

In such a globalised society, football clubs need to step away from relying on domestic activity and revenue and do things in order to gain an international presence. Translation will benefit football clubs in doing this! Translation can help to encourage long term relationships with fans as it will appear as if the club are doing something for the fans and they will make use of the language services available, thus becoming more prominent supporters.

Social media is used by the majority and having a ‘Thai page’, for example, reaches out to fans who are unable to access the game on TV in Thailand. Social media translation requires a translator on standby and translating football matches in real-time through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Clubs travel worldwide for pre-season, especially popular at the moment is South East Asia. Why leave getting fans on board during pre-season behind once the team returns home? Engage with them throughout the season by providing them with full access to what your English speaking fans have access to.

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Website translation gives a football club multilingual online presence when building a global fan base, as well as global exposure, resulting in future opportunities.

From a business perspective, offering multilingual options shows the commitment the club has to progression and becomes more attractive to potential commercial partners, especially for Asia, which is a hugely important market.