Recently Lingua Translations is seeing a large influx of companies who are unhappy about the translations provided by their translation agency and the services offered by these companies. Not that we are complaining of course, there is nothing that excites us more than receiving new clients who are finally realising that quantity and “attractive” prices do not always guarantee quality. We have never prided ourselves as being the cheapest translation agency but our rates are very competitive for the quality of the translation services that we provide. Quality Translations 225 × 225

We may be a translation agency, but we believe that each customer needs to be treated individually, there are no “wedding packages” at Lingua Translations and we tailor each translation to the client’s needs. Our motto is simple, “we are not satisfied until the client is satisfied.” Recently we won a very big Hotel contract due to the previous agency charging exorbitant minimum charges for any alterations needed (e.g. a few extra words to be included). Here, we understand that mistakes can happen and we offer to have the translations revised for free.

We also provide complimentary final checks of any DTP which is being uploaded externally by the client. This service is a proven success, see the positive feedback we received from a Travel Agency whose brochure was just about to go to print: Excellent catches and this tells me that your final proof is a very valuable value-add for us!” At Lingua Translations, we communicate with the client, provide Project Briefs and ensure that every effort is made in order to ensure that the client’s message is understood and in turn conveyed to our team of extremely loyal and talented suppliers. Each company has its own voice and this voice will always come through in our high-quality translations.

 Please have a look at our translation page to see an extensive list of the services we offer.



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