You don’t need to be a solicitor to need our legal translation services!

Legal translation services encompass a wider range of documents than you might think… It’s not just solicitors who need them.

It is becoming more and more popular for individuals to need their birth certificate translated. Or proof of employment, for example if you need to demonstrate a number of years experience in a field such as medicine. All of these are likely to require our legal translation services. Even wedding certificates may need to be translated. More and more couples are now eloping and more than likely their certificate will not be in English.

If you’re anything like me, your birth certificate is collecting dust in a drawer somewhere in the house. But it can be a vital addition to a visa application or an essential proof of identity. Therefore you need to make sure it gets translated correctly and in a legal format.

In some cases, if you have a certificate translated, you will generally need it to be notarised. This means that we will attend the offices of a Public Notary with the translated documents and a stamped and signed certifying letter from the translator. The notary will stamp and authorise each page of the translated document validating their authenticity. This is especially relevant for documents that you might need to use in other countries. Sometimes certain documents are only valid once they’ve been notarised. It is always worth checking to see if you need the translation of legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates notarised…

So, don’t be put off looking into our legal translation services just because you haven’t studied law for 7 years!

It’s more common than you might think… Have any of you married abroad? What were your experiences of getting the marriage certificate translated?

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