When taking your business abroad it is vital to consider your new target market…

As an example of how easy it is to offend in an unfamiliar culture, try to avoid giving someone a thumbs up in Iran, as it carries the equivalent meaning as the middle finger does in Western cultures.

In the business world, to ensure you do not alienate potential clients, you need to be aware of a region’s beliefs and have a familiarity with their way of life and their culture, their interpretation of various ideas/ideologies; social norms, the local dialects, symbolism etc has to be understood if you are to communicate effectively. The list is endless.

So, when it comes to your marketing messages, the business translation must be carried out by a native speaker (this is a universal truth for all translation anyway in our opinion) who will understand these nuances. They may also advise you on how modify your communicated message for the target consumers; even if the text of your campaign is grammatically correct, it may not successfully carry the message you want it to.

This message is a multi-faceted asset to your company consisting of advertisements, leaflets, brochures, presentations etc. and it will need to be customised, consistently, throughout. This will also enable you to accurately judge how people are reacting to the material and if it needs to be adjusted in any way.

Marketing is a very fragile, but fundamental, part of any business and any mistakes in this area can result in loss of business, reputation and trust; once clients have lost trust in a company it can be very hard to win it back.

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Rules and regulations differ from country to country as well and it is so important to be completely aware of the local laws. For instance, if somebody complains about your advertising, in the UK this may result in a warning from the ASA, you may end up paying extensive fines in Germany, or, in Belgium, you may have to republish, and pay for, corrective advertising.

Ultimately you need to find a translation company with the necessary experience in business translation, understanding and resources; you can trust us at Lingua Translations!