Your Business in Translation: Website Localisation for your business

Website localisation for your business is an area of the translation industry which is becoming increasingly more relevant and popular in many areas of commerce. Businesses are constantly looking to expand and sell their products and services to potential clients and customers overseas. With the current economy shrinking, the need for international exchange is higher than ever.

A vital tool in communication with international clients and partners is the localisation of company software and websites. Localisation in the language industry is the process of customising company material, making it culturally, linguistically and technically relevant within a target market. This process goes further than text translation as it also recognises all of the cultural nuances specific to a country. It can adapt graphics, themes, colours, and structures according to the market. In effect, localisation offers a culture-specific version of the original source material. Allowing it to be completely ‘localised’ to any given country and culture.

Barriers broken down

It’s a fact that barriers between languages can have a drastic effect on business relations. Recent statistics have in fact shown that when a product or service is marketed in the language of the potential customer or client, the chances of them using the service are automatically increased. Localisation services can therefore be hugely advantageous to any business looking to open its doors to the international market. Translation companies are a vital tool in communication and globalisation.

As I mentioned, the main areas of localisation used by businesses are software and website localisation. This is where a company’s on-line presence is diversified across cultures. Marketing a business on-line is relatively simple, but only 26.8% of internet users as English native speakers. This means localisation is key to any business and can be hugely beneficial to a company looking to broaden its horizons. Too often we come across translated websites where the original material has been put through machine translation software. The result is often stilted, clumsy and far from natural-sounding in the target language.

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Localising a company website or a piece of software can sometimes be a long and complicated process. It’s vitally important to get it right if you want to benefit from successful business from international clients and customers. I know for a fact that a poorly-translated website would instantly lose my business. What are your thoughts on the importance of website localisation in today’s economy? We’d love to hear from you.

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